Friday, December 01, 2006

I am totally out of it today. I just made my lunch, turkey, semidried tomato, cheese and cranberry sauce toasted on Turkish bread.

Umm, no.

As I put the cranberry sauce jar back in the fridgeI realised it's actually strawberry jam. This should taste interesting.

I'll let you know if it's a combination worth repeating.


sarah, dug and tom said...

Hi Emma!!
I am soo impressed with the new blog set out - well done!
Mt Isa is hot, hot, hot - I can't wait til holidays so that I can hibernate in front of the air con. Tom is starting to walk everywhere this week - he is discovering a whole new world (like my kitchen cupboards!!) I hope to add some new photos soon and you'll be able to check them out 'cos your new email has been added to the list. I love the photos you put in you blog - what type of camera do you have?

Emma said...

Hi Sarah!! So glad to see you :) Thanks for adding me. Brett rebuilt my computer a couple of weeks ago, and lost a few of my emails, including the one that had the password I needed.

I so don't miss the heat. I hibernate in the aircon here, and we're 10 degrees cooler than you!

I use a Fujifilm S5000, the same camera as Dad's. I am enjoying fooling around with it. Brett bought me a tripod recently, and I am getting a lot more good photos now!

Hugs to my sweet little nephew!


Margaret said...

Oh my! That will be interesting!

Sara Laughs said...

So how was it? LOL!