Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It's braggin' time at our house. The kids had their concert and awards night last week. It was all so cute. Here's a picture of the three of them all dressed up and ready to go. There was a sausage sizzle beforehand, and I told the two older darlings that tomato sauce was totally off the menu if they were wearing white. They deemed it worth the sacrifice to wear their favourite clothes. Please ignore the plastic bags of unwrapped Christmas presents at their feet. I have started wrapping since then!
Samara's Grade One class sang "The Little Drummer Boy". It was gorgeous. They were all so proud of their costumes. Samara loved being an angel. They were beautifully in tune, and sang very clearly. The music and Grade 1 teachers were justifiably proud.

Christopher's Grade 2/3 class danced and sang "All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth". Honestly, when they shouted "Sister Suzie sitting on a thistle" I thought I'd laugh til I'd cry. They had practiced their routine so long and hard, and they had it down perfectly! Edit to mention that Christopher is the kid in the background.

Now for a little bit of true boasting. Christopher got his results for the big Grade Three testing that took place earlier this year, and scored 100% in two parts of the numeracy testing. We knew he was good at problem solving, but were so proud to hear that he'd managed questions way beyond the expectations for his age. That's my boy!


Sara said...

They are adorable! I can imagine the two front teeth song and it's making me giggle a little too. Brag away Mom!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Emma so cute! My little one is in Wizard of Oz as a Munchkin, her first show is tomorrow!

xsquared said...

They are all so cute!

Lisa said...

Wonderful!!!! all the way around.