Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Walk in the Park

A wonderful way to spend a Saturday evening. Christopher reluctantly had the training wheels taken off his bike this weekend. After some hesitation he has discovered that he CAN ride his bike without them. Brett has had a good workout, running after a very fast little red bicycle. I love the look of incredulous joy on Christopher's face in this photo.

And of course there are plenty of photos of my silly monkeys!

We saw two very contented sulfur crested cockatoos. They let me come very close for these photos. As you can see, I was regarded as a bit of a curiosity!

In all, a lovely way to spend some time together.


Me said...

It looks as if you had a most delightful day!! How lovely! Happy children make wonderful days.

Lisa said...

I enjoyed these photos of your family having such a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing them. It still wows me to see cockatoos in the trees.

Margaret said...

Oh looks like fun! We're still working on confident bike riding here.

meggie said...

What wonderful pics of your lovely children.
I love the see the Cockys too!

Kelleigh said...

They're great shots Emma! You've really captured the joy and delight of the day. Way to go Christopher!

We have a lot of sulphur crested cockatoos in Canberra. They open the plastic covers on the street lights by gnawing the rubber seals! Many street lights covers are left dangling by a bit of rubber seal around Canberra. We've even seen these cheeky birds swinging from the loosened rubber seals (taking turns one by one for a bit of fun). So naughty!

Anonymous said...

What great photos, well done to your Christopher what an achievement :)