Friday, January 19, 2007

Yesterday we spent the day at Indigiscapes, a natural bushland park about 3/4 of an hour from our house. They have koalas living in the trees there, and each day they signpost the trees so you know where to look. Koalas are very hard to spot though, and we didn't actually find any yesterday. I have a theory that the koalas wait for the sign to be put up, then move to a quieter spot and laugh at us all staring into an empty tree.
So no koala photos were taken yesterday. This photo I took in 2004, from the front verandah of the house we were living in. During the breeding season koalas roam far and wide, apparently, and this one found himself in suburbia. He visited our tree for a morning, and then moved on.


Kelleigh said...

Emma how lucky you were to see a Koala in your yard! They are usually so shy. We get the odd kangaroo hopping down our street which is kind of cute!

I had to laugh about your attempts to spot koalas. A national park nearby our home has large area of natural bush enclosed by a tall 'koala proof fence'. Apparently there are over 100 koalas in this bush enclosure. We've vistited three times and haven't spotted a koala yet! We just end up leaving with very sore necks and eye strain, lol!

~Velda said...

Alright a 2004 koala photo will have to do, gosh they are SOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!!!!!!

Margaret said...

He's very cute, even if he isn't current!

meggie said...

Thanks for the pic- always worth seeing a Koala.
I still get blown away by the beautiful birds over here, & was so thrilled when a cocky sat on our balcony railing.
Also love to see the Lorikeets, & the Rosellas, but a pair of Blackheaded Shrikes have taken over our Grevillea, in the backyard. They are somewhat plain looking birds, but seem to love our Grevillea, & have made it their own.