Monday, March 05, 2007

Have you met Olive yet? She's the most wonderful old lady ever to have a 'blob'. After 4 posts she has had an amazing response from the world. She's the epitomy of a great grandma, 107 years old and telling stories from when our grandparents were children, with the aid of a friend, "Mike the Helper". I am really enjoying reading her blog, and I am sure you will too.


Mum said...

I am just delighted to see you knitting. Well done my girl. You may need them in Canada. Mind remember I will help too. My exam went well and I am now concentrating on 2nd semester that is the last semester. Wow imagine that.

Love to all

Emma said...

That's great Mum! I actually have half of the back of the jumper done, so I may actually get there! It's so exciting that you're practically done. Not long now!!