Monday, March 19, 2007

I suffer for my craft.

My knitting has been slowly progressing. I don't seem to spend much time on any craft at the moment, but knitting has been my main preoccupation over the past couple of weeks. I usually take it to soccer training with me, struggling to do a couple of rows between trips to the toilets on the other side of the school and rescuing Joshua, who's again 'stuck' on the slide. He's not actually stuck, just enjoys the whole 'you saved me' routine. I also relish the hour I spend in the car outside choir, listening to my audiobook and knitting in utter solitude.

Last night I could almost smell the end of the back. In an impressive (at least to myself) burst of stamina and speed I ploughed through about four times as much knitting as I would usually do in a session, eventually admitting defeat within sight of the finish line, only 12 rows from the end. As I put the knitting away for the night, the muscles in my left hand were cramped and protesting the unusually punishing paces they had been put through.

This morning I woke up in pain. Knowing the best remedy for sore muscles is to do more exercise, I took my knitting to school this morning and plugged away at the final rows while the kids read to me in turn.

I finished the back. Now I am off to find the paracetamol!

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Sara Laughs said...

I am impressed with your determination and dedication. It takes a lot of umpf to pick up the craft the day after the craft has been the source of pain. I'm just glad you could steel yourself to once again pick up the knitting needles.

Looks good by the way!