Thursday, March 01, 2007

Look at me! I am knitting!

It's pretty remarkable really, as my biggest knitting achievement to date is a fuzzy pink scarf and cloche set. I got the urge to make something useful, so I went down to Spotlight on Monday and picked up a pattern, needles and wool to make a sweater for Josh. He was very excited, though the novelty is wearing off for him, since he's realised it's not an intant gratification thing.

The first day, as I cast on the required stitches he perched beside me with a perky "Are you making my jumper now?" After two days of "Is my jumper ready yet?" he's beginning to lose interest. Though I have noticed that he is less disruptive when it comes to me working on a project destined for him. Maybe he figures that if he's quiet it will happen quicker.

Poor child doesn't realise that I know my own attention span too well, and I daren't take on a knitting project that's larger than my smallest child!


Margaret said...

It looks great!!! I stink at knitting.

Emma said...

Thanks Margaret. I am not crash hot myself, and I have no idea what prompted this whim, but I am having fun!

Pam said...

How exciting Emma! I want to do knitting, but I'm a chicken! You wouldn't know that though if you saw how many knitting books, patterns and wool I have around here... I keep telling myself it's for 'someday' when I have the time LOL. Heaven only knows we could use the warm clothes here in the great white north!

Kelleigh said...

The knitting looks great Emma - but your photography, it's looking so profesh these days! You are very talented.