Friday, March 30, 2007

How to Drive Three Children to the Brink of Insanity in One Day

OR We Drove

Due to complicated tax things that I try to ignore, we are obligated to drive a certain number of kilometres every year. This year we fell short by 2000 kilometres, a situation that would cost us almost $2000 if we didn't make those kilometres by March 31st. So last weekend we decided to 'go for a drive'. And that's exactly what we did.

We drove south.

We found a very picturesque lane in a swamp near Byron Bay.

We looked for koalas, but this is the only one we saw.

We stopped near Ballina to stretch legs and admire the view.

The kids were so funny.

"Where are we going?"

"Nowhere, really, just for a drive."

"How will we know the way home?"

"Oh ye of little faith!"

Then, of course, due to tiredness and an incident with an idiot who cut us off, we missed the turn off to our part of the city, and found ourselves headed in entirely the wrong direction. No problem, we'll just get off the motorway and go home a slightly longer way. That's when Samara burst into tears, wailing "We'll never get home!!"

Ten hours after we set out, we dragged ourselves home. The kids were too tired to even eat toast for dinner.

We have another drive ahead of us tomorrow, but it's much shorter, and the kids are going to stay with Grandma and Pop for the day. We are all much happier with that arrangement.


~Velda said...

How odd with the tax thing! But I LOVE any excuse for a roadtrip. I know the signs are probably common in Oz, but I just have to giggle at it.....Wonder how people would react if they saw a sign HERE like that lol....

Me said...

What a funny and frustrating situation...have more fun today (road-trip just you and hubby right?)

Margaret said...

How very odd a requirement!!! Thinking where I'd go if I had to put that many miles on the car in one day....

Emma said...

I don't know if I understand it fully, but to save money we bought the car through a company lease, with pre tax $$. All our fuel, servicing etc are paid for pre tax, and so to avoid paying fringe benefit tax on that we have to use our annual allocated fuel/kilometres. Usually it's been no problem, because we make a pretty long road trip during Brett's holidays each year, up to my Mum. But this year we've not had any vacations, so the kilometres stayed lower. That's how I think it goes, anyway.

meggie said...

I loved this post! I feel a bit sorry for the kids though.. they do get weary of car trips.
Hope the drive without them is much more of a success. Wish I was in the car!

hollyday said...

It sounds like a great trip, only without the tired kids lol ;). My kids wouldn't have made it even half that far, so I think yours did extremely well :). I hope the trip without them was fun! ((Hugs))

Sara Laughs said...

I love the koala crossing sign. Around here it's mostly deer crossing but if I travel south just a little bit I can find cow and farmer crossing signs too.

Enjoy your drives!

Vicki said...

That's a very interesting tax criteria but I can why you'd want to be making the drive. (((Hugs))) to the kiddos...glad you were able to find your way home for Samara's sake. ;)

smilnsigh said...

I've never before read of a requirement to drive _more_. Here {US} we're always admonished to drive _less_. Because we're supposed to be the planet's worst polluters. -sigh-

Interesting before unknown fact.