Thursday, May 11, 2006

Another long week...

We have had a lot of ups and downs this week. Brett was away for his work, which is a huge downer. It proves to us every time he goes away how much we all rely upon each other. I was lonely, here being a single mum, and he's been lonely there, living without all the chaos and love. He's coming home in the morning, so I'm having trouble getting to sleep tonight.

All the children have colds, especially poor Samara, who took the day off school today. She's not a happy girl. They squabble so much when they aren't well. Christopher was a total grump this afternoon, so I am expecting him to get worse. I doubt anyone will be going to school tomorrow.

Sent out the invitations to Samara's birthday party today, so I am starting to feel anxious about that! She wants a fairy theme, so we will have to put some thought into how to achieve that. I am thinking of turning the clothes line into a fairy bower, by draping it with sheets and decorating with streamers, tissue paper flowers etc. We have instructions for a fairy toadstool house cake, and lots of cute food ideas. I need to get a recipe for a nice pink drink, suitable for 6 year olds ... maybe cranberry juice and lemonade? I'll keep thinking! I thought we'd make wands with lots of glue and glitter, and we need to come up with a few games.

So much to think about!


Kelly said...

Hi Emma,

Has Samara had her birthday party yet? I like your ideas for party decorations...did you take any photos?

Emma said...

Hi Kelleigh, the pary is next weekend. There will be many photos taken, I am sure!