Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Joshua with his Daddy, Southbank, Brisbane.

He's such a photogenic little boy. When I took this snap he said Chheeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

The three kids together, being silly. It's not a very good photo, but they look so happy it's a keeper in my book. I love moments when they are clearly loving being together.

Christopher is a member of the Australian Youth Choir, and on Saturday had his very first concert performance. He was on cloud nine when he came out afterwards! I have never been so proud of him (or shed so many quiet tears) as I did seeing my little boy doing such a great thing, and singing like an angel.


Kelly said...

Oh Emma, Joshua is so cute. What a lovely little smile. Wow Emma, the Australian Youth Choir! You must be so proud of Christopher! And isn't it wonderful that he enjoys it so much too. Thanks for sharing your news (I like happy news)it's made my day!

God Bless!

Emma said...

Thanks Kelleigh. We are very proud of Christopher, he had to audition to get in. It's a wonderful experience for him!

Anonymous said...

What cute pictures, you must be so proud.

Emma said...

Thank you Mrs Blythe. I think they are adorable :)