Thursday, May 25, 2006

Today has been one of those days when it hits home that I really am a mother. My darling princess has been feeling poorly a couple of days, and at 2 this morning my day started with spending an hour or so at her bedside, dosing her with cough mixture, applying chest rub and eventually resorting to steam inhalations to try and settle her coughing. It was worrying, especially as I was the only adult at home, and had no way of getting her to a doctor. She did finally get back to sleep, and this morning I granted her a day off school as she was not much better.

I have spent much of the day preparing for the previously mentioned princess' birthday, which is tomorrow. Birthdays seem to be a much bigger deal than I remember them being when I was a girl. First I had to do the shopping for the weekend party, to which all the little girls in Samara's class are invited. We have planned a couple of craft activities and party games, and had to get the necessary supplies. Cake ingredients, party food and paraphenalia were also on the list. I also paused to gaze longingly at the lovely boots at Colorado, while Samara told her life story to the sales assistant, but that wasn't actually on my list.

Home again the two day cleaning frenzy began. I am not a great housekeeper, and struggle daily to keep up with the creative messmaking of my family. I also had to bake and ice cup cakes for Samara to take to school tomorrow to share with her class.

So between laundry, cleaning, baking and nursing the sick I have felt like quite the domesticated wife and mother today. Pity about the Literature essay that I scarcely have had time to glance at. I need a duplicate me just to get through what I am supposed to achieve in a day. I am so glad I have decided to lighten my study load next semester.

The photo, by the way, is one I took at Palm Cove, far north Queensland, at Christmas time when we were up that way visiting my family. It's my favourite beach in the world.


Anonymous said...

What a busy day. I try my best with homemaking and housekeeping but don't always come up to scratch. But I can but try and I am 10 times better than I used to be. Lol. I love the picture of the sea. Blessings.

Kelly said...

Oh Emma, that is an early start to the day! Poor little Samara, hope she is feeling well for her party tomorrow. Hope you get a chance to put your feet up before all the little ones arrive too! I'm looking forward to hear how the party goes! All the best with the preparations!

Emma said...

Thanks Mrs Blythe and Kelleigh. It was a crazy day, and today's looking similar!