Friday, June 05, 2009

The children celebrated World Environment Day this morning at school. Christopher's class showed off the posters they had been making. Christopher's reads "Go Green, Don't Waste Power". That explains the light turning off craze of the past couple of days!

Joshua and Samara's classes united to perform a poem called "Lenny Litterbug". Joshua's class had made hats from newspaper, with ladybugs stuck on the front. They looked so cute!

Samara had a special role as one of the leaders. They read the poem out line by line while the little ones repeated each line after them. They did a lovely job.

And the back yard brought me happiness today too, on the first sunshiney day in a while. I discovered the first hint of strawberries on the way. Winter is a funny season in Brisbane; it seems that the moment the weather cools down all the spring flowers emerge. We had a deliciously foggy morning this morning, and everything is damp and green.

Yes, I like bugs and spiders. Darling hubby thinks I am mad. The kids also have doubts about my sanity, I suspect.


Velda said...

Sanity is over rated! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your spider friend!!!!!!!! Awesome shot! Oh and the kids are pretty cute too ;)

Emma said...

Thanks V :) The spider is a young St Andrew's Cross spider. They usually make that zig zag line on the web into a big X that they sit in the middle of. No one seems sure exactly why they do the cross on the web.

Kristin said...

I agree with Velda. Sanity is highly over rated!

Super cool spider pic and I love the hint of strawberries to come.