Thursday, June 11, 2009

What a chilly morning! I woke late this morning, after a growing sinus headache disturbed my night. The children were all wide awake, but no one thinks to dress for school and eat breakfast unless I am behind them, prodding them onwards. So they ate a hasty breakfast, throwing clothes on while waiting for the toaster to pop. I have not yet figured out why they bother with the toaster, since they turn it down so low that it only produces warm, slightly stale bread. It seems a farce to me, but I am reminded that I was the same when I was a child. There is hope that one day they will discover the pleasure of golden brown toast.

I managed to get them all to school on time. The school is so windy, and this morning it felt like the wind was coming right off the glaciers of the Antarctic. I rushed home to a bowl of hot porridge and climbed back into bed to warm my toes. I am into the final chapters of a book, so laundry folding was put on hold for a couple more hours.

It's time to get out the half done ripple rug, and keep my knees warm while I finish it.


Lily Boot said...

it is soooooo cold! I'm sitting here in our freezing house - it's 13 degrees in the bedroom, with a quilt over my lap, a skivvie, a cardigan, a dachshund on my lap and I don't want to move because that will make me cold again. My lips are dry and stinging and my knuckles are cracking. How lame are we Brisbanites! But it is cold. You were so on the money hopping back into bed - I almost did the same but went and sat in the sun instead - and had to move the chair every 15 minutes as the sun moved across the back garden. Your blanket is beautiful - what lovely colours! Such a shame we didn't catch up on Sunday - I was at the cafe in the unpriced section - and looked out for you too! :-) glad you had a good time and did well. I did too! Do you want to have morning tea next week? Hope you're keeping toasty tonight - and we'll definitely need to stay in bed in the morning - it's going to be COLDER!

Kristin said...

Hope your head feels better and that rug looks lovely.

Small Town Mamma said...

Beautiful crochet Emma! mmm.... hot porridge sounds divine to this Mamma with sick 2 year old (gastro), who has kindly passed it on to me!