Monday, June 29, 2009

Look how big the kids are getting! Yes, that's me at the back.

And this is my newest delight, a cast iron teapot. I like to use a pot for my evening tea. I had two little glass ones, with infusers, that suited the purpose perfectly. I also have a cat who thinks she owns the kitchen benches. Not once but twice in the past few months she has pushed a glass teapot off the bench. Little horror! But now I have thwarted her evil schemes, by getting a teapot that is heavier than she is. And it keeps tea hot just about forever. Joy!


Kez said...

Lovely to see a picture of you!!

I love that teapot - what a great idea.

Lisa said...

We had one almost exactly like this today at the Chinese restaurant. I was wondering if it was cast iron and now you've answered my question. I just love it! Your kids are growing up so much!