Sunday, June 07, 2009

Stitching Update
Yes, I do still stitch, though I hadn't done anything new recently. I have spent a fair bit of my free time working on knitting, and watching a scarf grow just isn't all that exciting unless you are the knitter.

I spent Saturday creating this smock, from the Simplicity 3760 pattern. Sewing the smock took no time at all.

But the appliqued birdie and flowers took the whole evening, and nearly wore the skin off my thumb. Turns out that the layers were quite thick, and it took a bit of force to get the needle through the calico. But I felt quite domesticated, stitching curled up on the couch next to my honey.

I had a migraine this week, and so I turned to my cross stitch (straight lines that I had already counted and marked). Cinderella is progressing slowly, but steadily.

Once my head felt better I returned to my knitting. It is taking a while because I am scared to stop in the middle of the repeat, in case I never find my place again. So I only knit when I have a guaranteed half hour or more to sit down.
Today I have my pretty top on over a black tshirt, and we're off to the Lifeline Bookfest, where we are going to see the charming Lily and meet her beautiful daughter. What fun!


Kristin said...

You really do beautiful work. WOW

meggie said...

Lovely smock. I also love your scarf.