Friday, June 26, 2009

Not muffins, but my second attempt at soap making. These soaps are scented with lavender oil and have a dash of my favourite lavender and chamomile herbal tisane. They smell delish, but are still curing, so I haven't tried them out yet.

Yet again my photos are sadly dreary, to match the foggy and overcast days that are dominating our corner of the world at the moment.

I am looking forward to more soapy experimentation.


Kristin said...

I bet those soaps are going to smell divine!

Lisa said...

The soaps look great. It must be difficult waiting for them to cure!

Everything you've been making is gorgeous. Love the colors in your ripple. I haven't yet been able to do a ripple correctly. I always end up frogging it.

Sherrin said...

soap making is so much fun! Your soaps look sweet on your cake stand. :o)