Sunday, June 28, 2009

Looking for something fun to do on a Saturday, we found ourselves at Indigiscapes, a lovely little enclave of forest hidden from the busy roads around it. There are three short walks through the bush, and we went on two of them before having a delicious lunch at the tea rooms (really a verandah). Josh was very interested in the scribbly gums. The scribble patterns on the bark are made by the larvae of a particular species of moth, blessed with the highly original name 'scribbly moth'.

The last time I came here, sadly over two years ago, we were in the grip of a drought, and the bushland was dry and brown. This time it had rained the night before, and we had to pick our way through wet puddles and clay mud. The ferns were a delightful surprise, they had been far less visible in the dry weather.

But the real reason we came was to look for koalas. We spent at least an hour with our heads tilted back, squinting up at gum trees for motionless grey lumps. Koalas are not exactly energetic creatures. Finally we spotted one lone fellow, sunning himself right at the top of a tree. Can you see him in the photo below?

Here's a closer picture.

He ignored us entirely.


Velda said...

What gorgeous photos! How lush! I LOVE the lesson about the scribbly moth, how very cool is that. I'm so jealous you get to walk around and see Koalas! All we have are stupid skunks and squirrels lol

meggie said...

I love the patterns the Scribbly moths leave on the gum trees.
I laughed, I have a bear, who was a Fishing bear. He is on a stand beside the computer. At the very monent I clicked on the photo of the shy Koala, the bear's fish fell off his pole!!
Is this a sign???
Probably means koalas hate bears?

meggie said...

Obviously he is a teddy bear, & is stuffed. And obviously, I meant at the MOMENT I clicked!